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Be part of this Investment opportunity!

Whilist growing your income you are also helping Biznvest to upgrade their Ngoda Oven Manufacturing Plant.

From the 27th of March Wanamari will be taking Investments, raising US$35 000 for Biznvest.You can invest from $100 and above and get 84% profit after 12 months.

If its easy to spend, it can be easy to invest.

Invest for a good cause today and earn for your future.

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Ngoda Oven

Ngoda oven is popularly known as the money making machine due to its problem solving technique of solving problems faced in the baking industry. Ngoda Oven has been specifically designed to bake all breads, confectionary, grill or cook and fry doughnuts. It currently uses firewood, charcoal, maize cobs, and cow dung as sources of energy.
Ngoda oven is portable, movable and affordable.

Biznvest (Pvt) Ltd

Biznvest is an investment project company duly registered with the Registrar of Companies of Zimbabwe and whose main object and value proposition is to diligently offer innovative investment solutions.
The company started as a small WhatsApp group on the 19th of May 2015, which was named Biznvest, with the founder of the company, Aaron Chikukuza being the administrator of the group.

Invest at least US$100 into the future of Baking Industry.

Ngoda Oven is raising US$35 000 through Wanamari
Be part of the next big thing in the Baking Industry.

Returns of 40 - 84 percent on your Investment

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It is reliable and convenient since it does not depend only on one source of energy. Also with Ngoda oven you can save electricity. Ngoda oven is mobile meaning it’s easier to carry it and move around baking without stressing much.

Ngoda oven branches are conveniently located in Zimbabwe with shops in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and Karoi. Ngoda oven is a registered Trademark of Biznvest (Pvt) Ltd

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